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Publish news to twitter accounts

Use Zapier to connect your Newsinapp account to your twitter account. Or you can use IFTTT to connect your Newsinapp RSS Feed to twitter.

@Timburton_news uses Newsinapp. It has sent more than 3800 tweets and has now more than 50,000 followers.
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Keep your website active

Add freshness news to Wordpress

  • Newsinapp can publish post in your site. Use IFTTT to connect your Newsinapp RSS feed to your Wordpress website.
    A blog about Arduino uses Newsinapp, see it in action.
  • Use the Wordpress widget to show freshness news to your visitors.

Be inspired to write article

Discover news which inspire you to write great post

Diablo-news.com shows latest news about Diablo universe. Newsinapp proposes news to its author to inspire him.
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Be informed about topic you like

Read news in your favorite virtual newspaper

By using your Newsinapp RSS Feed, you can read your news in virtual newspaper such as Flipboard, Pulse News, Feedly…

Push news in any app with our API

Skeedy is a service that you can employ in order to follow all your favorite interests and subjects online. Users define topics they like and Skeedy keep them informed as soon as a news surface.
Skeedy is mainly build on top of Newsinapp API. It receives news every day and delivers them to their customers.
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